Wire guide tubes

Wire guide tubes with cutting edges

Wire cutting systems active and passive


Measurement: button pins etc.

Medicine: Tubes for Micro invasive operating techniques

Other: we are always open for new challenges


Outer diameter from 0.4 to 10mm

Inner diameter from 0.1 to 4mm

Length: up to 100mm

Flat material: dimensions on request

Product quality, delivery times, prices and transport

Product quality: A 100%- control is self-evident. On request we also carry out customized checks with documentation.

Delivery time: Thanks to a large stock of finished products, semi-finished products and raw materials, we can deliver in short term.

Prices: We provide you with best prices in EURO, CHF, US$ or other desired currency.

Transport: We offer you interesting transport conditions.

Raw materials and surfaces

Raw materials: Carbides in the appropriate composition, rubies, sapphires

Surfaces: Grinded and polished in the demanded quality, on your request